Baby Boomers And RVs

Central Florida has to be the RV capital of the world. If not, then it has to be right up there near the top. The great exodus from the north happens in late fall much like the migration of birds. Thus the term “snowbirds” was coined. Since the baby boomers have hit retirement age, things […]

Buying Motorcycles

The bookstore I used to work in had a bunch of buying guides for used motorcycles lying around. I had never really been interested in buying motorcycles before, or even in motorcycles themselves. I wasn’t much of a car kid, and I got around very well on my bicycle. Nonetheless, one day I started looking […]

History Of Honda

Honda is the largest manufacturer of internal combustion engines in the world, with more than 14 million engines built each year; Honda has established a name for itself in the automobile industry. Known for its immensely popular bikes, the Honda CBR is one of the most popular sports bikes in history. However Honda has not […]